The Global Battle over Biotech Foods

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From the Hill

  • From the Hill

    Greater cooperation sought in protecting critical infrastructure In a further effort to improve the security of the nation’s computer infrastructure, a bill has been introduced in the House that would encourage private-sector… Read More



Book Reviews

  • Environmental politics

    In the 1970s, environmentalism was not uncommonly castigated by leftists as a program of white upper-middle-class suburbanites largely concerned with preserving their own amenities and oblivious to the plight of the urban… Read More
  • The Superfund Debate

    In Calculating Risks, James Hamilton and Kip Viscusi apply sophisticated statistical techniques to information on contaminated sites to try to evaluate the effectiveness of the nation’s Superfund program. To accomplish this,… Read More
  • Technology and People

    Have you ever been in an airline lounge so crowded that you couldn’t avoid overhearing people in a loud, spirited, and arcane critique of wrong-headed colleagues? That’s the flavor of much of… Read More
  • The Ecosystem Illusion

    The protection of nature is a goal easier to embrace than to explain. If by “nature” we mean everything in the universe—all that is bound by the laws of physics—then our protection… Read More
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