Transportation Safety

Every issue explores cutting-edge developments in technology, medicine, education, climate change, and much more. Articles provide in-depth analyses of science and technology’s impact on public policy, the economy, and society—bringing today’s best minds to bear on tomorrow’s most critical topics.

Editor's Journal

  • Research Reconsidered

    A group of experienced analysts and practitioners of science policy gathered in Washington in late November to discuss the theme of “Basic Research in the Service of National Objectives.” The purpose was… Read More

From the Hill

  • From the Hill – Winter 2001

    FY 2001 will be a banner year for federal research programs On December 15, more than two months into fiscal year (FY) 2001, President Clinton and the 106th Congress finally reached agreement… Read More



Real Numbers

  • Past Progress, Future Problems

    Fatalities by Transportation Mode Mode 1970 1980 1990 1995 1998 Large air carrier 146 1 39 168 1 Commuter air N 37 7 9 0 On-demand air taxi N 105 50 52… Read More

Book Reviews

  • Betrayal of Trust book cover by Laurie Garrett

    Public Health Crisis

    Laurie Garrett, author of The Coming Plague and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for her reporting of the 1995 outbreak of the Ebola virus in Zaire, has been an important voice for… Read More
  • Voodoo Science book cover by Robert Park

    Voodoo Science

    A former boss of mine, then-White House Science Advisor Jack Gibbons, used to tell the story of an aging despot who called in a succession of science advisors to tell him how… Read More
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