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Whither Neuroscience?

More than a century since Santiago Ramón y Cajal’s exquisite renderings detailing the intricate cellular circuity of the brain stimulated new ways of relating brain structure with brain function, how much has contemporary understanding about the connections among brain, mind, and behavior advanced? Read More

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  • Charting Climate Impact of Cultured Meat

    February 20, 2019

    Producing meat by growing animal cells in factories is often promoted as offering a climate benefit by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases that drive atmospheric warming. But a new study described here finds the picture less clear, with cultured meat production possibly driving up warming over the long term—yielding all the more reason why, as two scholars of emerging technologies recently noted in Issues, society should start thinking seriously about the full impact of industrially sourced hamburgers.

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  • Robot Ship Sets Seagoing Record

    February 20, 2019

    An experimental ship called Sea Hunter recently set a record by traveling from California to Hawaii and back again—with no humans on board to guide its way. Being developed for the US Navy to carry out “dull, dirty, or dangerous” missions such as submarine hunting, clearing mines, and long-term surveillance, it is among what a security analyst described in Issues as a new generation of surface and underwater robotic vessels designed to meet changing maritime warfare challenges.

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