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Finding My Future Beyond the Bench

Valley fever is a respiratory disease endemic to most of the American Southwest, including California’s Central Valley, where infection rates are 90 times higher than in the northern part of the state. People who work with or around soil in agriculture, construction, landscaping, and even solar farms are particularly at risk. Valley fever is estimated to kill about 200 people per year, though the true number is probably higher. For the last five years, I’ve done research on Valley fever as part of a multidisciplinary lab at the University of California, Merced. This experience has convinced me that for my work at the bench to pay the greatest dividends for society, my future must also include working in direct conversation with community members, clinicians, industry, and policymakers.Read More

Transportation Emissions

Pathways to More Rapidly Reduce Transportation’s Climate Change Impact

A strategy focused on battery electric vehicles alone does not recognize some of these vehicles’ limitations nor the advantages of other climate-friendly technologies. There are alternative policy options that could reduce carbon dioxide emissions much more quickly.Read More

Humanizing Science

Humanizing Science and Engineering for the Twenty-First Century

Solving complex problems is never a purely technical or scientific matter. Interdisciplinary awareness is essential to ensure that taxpayer-funded policy and research are efficient and equitable and are accountable to citizens at large—including members of traditionally marginalized communities.Read More

The Ongoing Transformation

To Solve Societal Problems, Unite the Humanities With Science

Kaye Husbands Fealing talks about her efforts to integrate humanities and social sciences with science and engineering. She also discusses her pivotal role in establishing the National Science Foundation’s Science of Science and Innovation Policy program, and why an integrative approach is crucial to solving societal problems. Read More

Health Security

The United States Needs a Director of National Health Security

Fixing the health security enterprise demands foundational change. To successfully coordinate health security resources and response requires a consolidated leadership structure that can integrate the mission across departments and agencies.Read More

In Focus

the next 75 years of science policy

The Fall Issue

Cover of Fall 2022 ISSUES

The Fall 2022 Issues features perspectives on the CHIPS and Science Act, a federal push for open science, a vision of democratizing government data, and much more. 

How the CHIPS and Science Act Can Deliver on Its Promises

A special collection of essays explores how the CHIPS and Science Act can deliver on its promises for competition with China, manufacturing and workforce preparedness, place-based development, and sustainability—and whether it marks “an inflection point” for America’s technological leadership.Read More

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Public Engagement

Creating a Science-Engaged Public

Strengthening the public’s engagement with science is critical because nearly every challenge society faces—from climate change to pandemic preparedness and inclusive economic growth—requires significant taxpayer investment in scientific research and technological development.Read More


Making Scientific and Technical Careers More Accessible

People with disabilities are nearly invisible in science and technology disciplines. To fix this and make science and technology more inclusive, it will be necessary to create deliberate pathways that can lead all students to success.Read More

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Limiting Factor of “The Endless Frontier” Is Still a Human One

In science policy circles, the human resources challenge of research rarely receives the attention it urgently needs and deserves for the United States to remain a leader in advancing the next generation of science.Read More

STEM Equity

Expanding Science Fellowship Opportunities

Receiving a prestigious fellowship for graduate science training can transform the recipient’s academic and professional career. But some of the most respected fellowships are awarded disproportionately to students at a small number of very well-resourced universities.Read More


Creativity During COVID

cpnas creative responses archive

A Time Capsule of Creative Responses to the Pandemic

Creativity often flourishes in stressful times. A remarkable collection of creative responses from individuals, communities, organizations, and industries is now available to explore in a new archive.Read More

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