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New Rules for Old Roads

As more walkers, bikers, and scooter riders take to urban streets, planners need to adopt forward-looking strategies to protect them from being hit by cars.Read More

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By the National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

The Path to Better Health: Give People Their Data

As any family doctor can tell you, the greatest potential for improving health care isn’t discovering new treatments for disease, it’s getting patients to do the things we already know work—exercising, quitting smoking, eating right, and taking medications regularly. Read More
alternative meat innovation

The Government Needs an Innovation Policy for Alternative Meats

Accelerating innovation in alternative meats could benefit the environment, public health, workers, rural communities, and animals.Read More

Can Bacteria Build A Cheaper Refrigerator?

How “Multiple Breadbasket Failure” Became a Policy Issue

In which an agricultural scientist goes from making new squash varieties to trying to improve global food security.Read More

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Janet Napolitano Homeland Security

“You Have to Begin by Imagining the Worst”

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America Needs a New International Strategy for Science, Technology, and Innovation

The global environment for research and development, innovation, and technology-based economic development has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Science and technology funding and knowledge are now widely distributed around the world; companies are much more international, and China has become a leading economic and science and technology power that sometimes plays by different rules than other global economic leaders. Read More

To Ensure More Trustworthy AI, Use an Old Government Tool: Public Procurement


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US No Longer in Innovation’s Top 10

A Boom in Private Space Investments

The Promise of Energy-Efficient Buildings

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