Research Policy in the European Union

From Strength to Strength?

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, claimed in a February 2022 speech that European Union research and innovation is going “from strength to strength.” Her comments reflect the potential for the European Union to transform itself into a science superpower. But historically there has been a gap between this goal and actual practice. Bridging the gap between aspiration and practice requires action at multiple levels.Read More

The Ongoing Transformation

The Forgotten Origins of the Social Internet

The standard history of the internet’s origins leaves out the many computer enthusiasts and hobbyists of the 1980s who used modems to connect to bulletin board systems—creating thriving online communities well before most people ever heard about the “information superhighway.”Read More

Context of Motivation


Exploring the Depths of Scientific Patronage

A new book on oceanography examines the interplay between the priorities and needs of researchers, their sponsors, and broader social and political structures on the production of both knowledge and ignorance.Read More

The Science of Mentoring

Academic Mentorship Needs a More Scientific Approach

Mentorship is largely an ad hoc activity, with institutions delegating responsibility to graduate training programs and individual scientists. But research offers insights into how to make mentorship successful and productive for the careers of aspiring scientists.Read More


The C Word: Artists, Scientists, and Patients Respond to Cancer

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, artist Max Dean began to explore the physical and psychological manifestations of his disease through his art practice.Read More

In Focus

the next 75 years of science policy

The Summer Issue

The Summer 2022 Issues explores the role of networks in innovation policy, rebuilding Ukrainian science, the science of mentoring, perfecting the peach, and much more. 

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Online Exclusives


Making Scientific and Technical Careers More Accessible

People with disabilities are nearly invisible in science and technology disciplines. To fix this and make science and technology more inclusive, it will be necessary to create deliberate pathways that can lead all students to success.Read More

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Limiting Factor of “The Endless Frontier” Is Still a Human One

In science policy circles, the human resources challenge of research rarely receives the attention it urgently needs and deserves for the United States to remain a leader in advancing the next generation of science.Read More

STEM Equity

Expanding Science Fellowship Opportunities

Receiving a prestigious fellowship for graduate science training can transform the recipient’s academic and professional career. But some of the most respected fellowships are awarded disproportionately to students at a small number of very well-resourced universities.Read More


Charting a New Course for Biosafety

A well-designed biosafety strategy is necessary to resolve today’s inconsistent governance while catalyzing scientific innovation, economic growth, and public benefits. Modern biosafety efforts should break with tradition and take a fresh, proactive, risk-based approach to understand, detect, and mitigate biosafety risks.Read More


Creativity During COVID

cpnas creative responses archive

A Time Capsule of Creative Responses to the Pandemic

Creativity often flourishes in stressful times. A remarkable collection of creative responses from individuals, communities, organizations, and industries is now available to explore in a new archive.Read More

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