True Stories of Managed Retreat From Rising Waters

As policymakers plan for a climate-changed world that may require the relocation of communities, they seem to be unaware that the United States actually has a long history of managed retreat and community relocations. The stories of these towns and the new communities they attempted to build show that managed retreat is not just a theoretical exercise; each case study offers key data for planning and implementing such projects in the future. Read More

A Concerted and Equitable Approach to Managed Retreat

We believe it is too late for many coastal communities to continue business as usual in the face of rising sea levels. We recommend expanding FEMA disaster relief programs that prioritize preemptive managed retreat. These should include relocation assistance for renters as well as incentives for leaving a home if previous disaster damage is greater than a stipulated percentage of the property’s predisaster market value.Read More

Climate Intervention

Research on Solar Geoengineering

As concerns about global warming mount and international efforts to address it lag, should public policy be encouraging or inhibiting research on technologies to reflect sunlight away from the earth?Read More

Infrastructure Week

A National Academy of Reliable Infrastructure Management

As the US prepares to massively invest in its infrastructure systems, we need to bank and enhance the knowledge of real-time system managers, particularly those who work in centralized control rooms of critical infrastructures. Read More

Inclusive Science

Nothing Succeeds Like Success

When we have greater diversity of representation, we also have greater diversity of information, knowledge, lived experience, and perspectives—each of which enhances discovery and innovation.Read More

Polarized Politics

mills unmasking scientific expertise

Unmasking Scientific Expertise

Suggesting that the correct public health policies follow inevitably from “the science” gives political decisions the veneer of objectivity, hiding both the uncertainties and disagreements that underlie them.Read More

In focus

Introducing a New Inquiry

the next 75 years of science policy

The Next 75 Years of Science and Innovation Policy

The vision for the US scientific enterprise after World War II has been abundantly realized. Now we must consider how to structure scientific research to meet human needs in a world of accelerating change.Read More

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Visas for the Future

Attracting (and Keeping) the Best and the Brightest

Grudgingly accepting the world’s best and brightest students, scientists, and entrepreneurs is no longer enough; the United States needs to be actively recruiting them. And legislators need to give them a clear legal path to work here.Read More

Infrastructure Week

The Right Way to Invest in Infrastructure

The Biden administration plans to dedicate a significant portion of the America Jobs Plan to traditional transportation infrastructure projects. A handful of key changes in current funding policies could make this investment truly transformational.Read More

Risky Business

Capitalizing on the Success of Big Science

What can we learn from a new European Union program that supports researchers who are trying to commercialize deep tech innovations?Read More

Global Competition

laird sputnik 2.0

Sputnik 2.0?

The rise of China as a high-tech power has led to legislative plans to pump mind-boggling amounts of money into the US research enterprise. But money alone will not deliver the transformations we desire.Read More


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A Jolt for Electric Vehicles

Climate Modeling Shows Flaws

A Universal Draft?

Creativity During COVID

cpnas creative responses archive

A Time Capsule of Creative Responses to the Pandemic

Creativity often flourishes in stressful times. A remarkable collection of creative responses from individuals, communities, organizations, and industries is now available to explore in a new archive.Read More


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