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Asking the Right Questions in Alzheimer’s Research

I recently watched the final episode of the Wallander television series with Kenneth Branagh in the role of the eponymous Swedish police detective. Wallander is given his diagnosis of familial Alzheimer’s disease (ALZ), and proceeds to cognitively fall apart while still working to solve a complex crime. Read More

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  • Space Business Booming

    November 13, 2018

    Not long ago in Issues, an analyst painted an emerging space trend: more private businesses working globally on an array of activities, often beating out traditional government-run programs. And new brush strokes are adding ever more texture, as a scrappy US-based company is launching an innovative rocket from its private spaceport in New Zealand with the promise of offering routine access to orbit, and eager start-ups in China aim at bringing added competition to the party.

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  • Caution Urged on AI Regulation

    November 5, 2018

    The former technology leader who is overseeing Europe’s efforts to define ethical principles that should underpin any future regulation of artificial intelligence favors a slow but steady approach, arguing for the need to “make sure that we do regulate when it’s the right time but we don’t do it prematurely when we would actually create impediments.” This aligns with ideas presented in Issues as two analysts warned against overly broad regulations on AI that would slow progress on beneficial applications and called for a high-level “cyber age commission” to nurture a nationwide public dialogue about where and when regulations would be warranted.

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