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At first, there was nothing to do but watch.
For days, before the trucks arrived, before the work
of cleanup, my brother sat on the stoop and watched.Read More

Science Diplomacy

Channels for Arctic Diplomacy

Scientific cooperation and public health surveillance are essential in polar regions, especially as melting permafrost may increase human and animal exposure to novel—or really, really old—pathogens freed from dormancy.Read More

Book Review

When Science Meets Power by Geoff Mulgan

The Science-Politics Power Struggle

Geoff Mulgan describes a “science-politics paradox” in his new book: breathtaking advances in science require governance to ensure those advances benefit society, but politics is unable to govern something so complex. How can the resulting uneasy power dynamic be channeled to productive ends?Read More

The Ongoing Transformation

caring for STEMM caregivers

How Can STEMM Do A Better Job of Caring for Its Caregivers?

Caregiving is a nearly universal human experience, but it’s not often thought of as an issue with implications for the science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine enterprise.Read More

Science Education

Boost Opportunities for Science Learning With Regional Alliances

Dedicated by President Calvin Coolidge in April 1924 and designed by architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue, the National Academy of Sciences’ building synthesizes classical elements with Goodhue’s preference for “irregular” forms.Read More

In Focus

A Justice-Led Approach to AI Innovation

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On the Front Lines of Change: Reporting From the Gulf of Mexico

In many respects, the Gulf is on the front lines. Massive disruptions brought by climate change, the need to transition to a new energy economy, and the potential collapse of vital ecosystems are on the horizon for the nation as a whole, not just the Gulf region.

Lauren Alexander Augustine

Supporting the Gulf

A skiff cleans up oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Ten Years Into the Gulf Research Program

The Gulf of Mexico is on the front lines of change. But massive disruptions brought by climate change, the need to transition to a new energy economy, and the potential collapse of vital ecosystems are on the horizon for the nation as a whole.Read More

Emergency Management

photograph of bulrushes for the roots that ward off disaster

The Roots That Ward Off Disaster

Recent disasters have strained the Gulf’s ability to respond. Building capacity for local emergency management agencies and disaster research could help the region cope—and thrive.Read More

The Loop Current

Gewin on the loop current

A Scientific “Forced Marriage” Takes on the Mysteries of the Loop Current

Decisionmakers need insights on how this powerful current shapes hurricanes, fisheries, energy supplies, and life in the Gulf of Mexico. An ambitious project to collect data and predict the current’s erratic behavior is compelling scientists to cross disciplines as well as borders.Read More

The Energy Transition

Tristan Baurick on the energy transition in Port Arthur, Texas

How Will Carbon Capture Transform Port Arthur, Texas?

Advances in engineering and financial incentives are putting a Gulf Coast city at the forefront of the energy transition. Can policies make good on promises to clean the environment and create jobs?Read More

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