Monique Verdin, "Headwaters : Tamaracks + Time : Lake Itasca" (2019), digital assemblage. Photograph taken in 2019; United States War Department map of the route passed over by an expedition into the Indian country in 1832 to the source of the Mississippi River.

Deepening Engagement

To deepen one’s engagement is to be absorbed in nuance and complexity, but also to emerge with greater clarity and understanding. This is precisely what the essays in the Winter 2024 issue aim to do. We invite you to deepen your engagement with—among many other topics—the limits of data, artificial intelligence, sustainable regional growth, and the mysteries of the Loop Current.

Editor's Journal

  • Living Computers

    Once called “living computers” by three of the founders of computer science, computational technology has pervaded society to such a degree that the humanities—which are increasingly regarded as less useful than STEM disciplines—are more crucial than ever to making sense of the present.

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