Governing the Barely Imagined

How do scientists and policymakers work together to design governance for technologies that come with evolving and unknown risks? The Spring 2022 Issues looks at governance for a broad slate of today’s new and yet-to-be-imagined technologies, including emerging health and medical technologies, bioengineering and biosecurity, remedies for the debris that is accumulating in space, and lethal autonomous weapons.

Editor's Journal



Real Numbers

  • Unmet Desire

    Many local policymakers want to develop more informal collaborations with researchers, but to bridge the gap scientists and institutions will need to understand and accommodate their priorities.

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Book Reviews

  • An Inflection Point for Space

    Is the sudden flowering of space programs good news? Space expansionists certainly think so. But, Daniel Deudney notes in his book, “it is remarkable—and disturbing—how little critical scrutiny these projects and their rationales have received.”

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  • Kent H. Radford and William M. Adams, STRANGE NATURES (2021)

    Unnatural Selection

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