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The Continuing Problem of Nuclear Weapons

Spring 2006


From the Hill

Constraints continue in proposed R&D budget; President, Congress unveil innovation initiatives; Senators unveil discussion paper on climate policy

Editor’s Journal: A Plague o’ Both Your Houses

Kevin Finneran

Straight Talk: Don’t “Dis” Chinese Science

Alexander P. De Angelis

Perspective: For What the Tolls Pay: Fair and Efficient Highway Charges

Rudolph G. Penner

Perspective: Let the Internet Be the Internet

Michael R. Nelson

Perspective: Import Ethanol, Not Oil

Lester B. Lave, W. Michael Griffin

Protecting the Best of the West

Wendy Vanasselt, Christian Layke

The Bureau of Land Management must start taking its conservation mandate seriously.

Environmental Safeguards for Open-Ocean Aquaculture

Rosamond L. Naylor

Expanding aquaculture into federal waters should not be promoted without enforceable national guidelines for the protection of marine ecosystems and fisheries.

Federal Neglect: Regulation of Genetic Testing

Gail H. Javitt, Kathy Hudson

Government needs to ensure that genetic tests provide useful medical information and that the test results are reliable.

The Continuing Problem of Nuclear Weapons: Delegitimizing Nuclear Weapons

Jack Mendelsohn

The United States should take the lead in making the use of nuclear weapons unacceptable under any but the most extenuating circumstances.

The Continuing Problem of Nuclear Weapons: Controlling Iran’s Nuclear Program

Joseph Cirincione

The country's slow and indirect progress toward developing nuclear weapons cunningly skirts international nonproliferation rules. Careful diplomacy can stop Iran from achieving this destabilizing capability.

Real Numbers: The U.S. Energy Subsidy Scorecard

Robert M. Wendling, Roger H. Bezdek

Book Review: An antidote to sprawl

Martin W. Lewis

Cities in the Wilderness: A New Vision of Land Use in America
, by 
Bruce Babbitt.

Book Review: Regulatory diversity

Erik Millstone

Designs on Nature: Science and Democracy in Europe and the United States
, by 
Sheila Jasanoff.

Book Review: Lost in space

Alex Roland

Defining NASA: The Historical Debate over the Agency’s Mission
, by 
W. D. Kay.

Book Review: A dam shame

Gregory B. Baecher

Deep Water
, by 
Jacques Leslie.