U.S. Forests: Facing New Global Market

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  • Forum

    Preventing nuclear proliferation Michael May and Tom Isaacs’ “Stronger Measures Needed To Prevent Proliferation” (Issues, Spring 2004) is a significant contribution to the ongoing discussion on how best to… Read More

From the Hill

  • From the Hill

    Most R&D agencies prepare for budget cuts in fiscal year 2006 The Bush administration’s plan to reduce the federal deficit in half over the next five years would mean cuts in funding… Read More



Real Numbers

  • Asian countries strengthen their research

    The global scientific landscape is changing. During the past decade, many governments, convinced that their economic futures lay with knowledge-based economies, sought to strengthen national research and education. Increased foreign scientific competitiveness… Read More

Book Reviews

  • Out of the bottle

    In 1995, Gartner Group analyst Jackie Fenn invented the term “hype cycle” to describe the pattern of broad public interest in technologies. A typical hype cycle begins when a “technology trigger”–a media… Read More
  • Red Sky at Morning book cover by James Gustave Speth

    Environmental weatherman

    Over the past half century, the environmental jeremiad has emerged as a minor publishing genre. Such works typically provide a grim assessment of the environmental situation before warning us that the time… Read More
  • Energy at the Crossroads book cover by Vaclac Smil

    Energy Futures

    Vaclav Smil has done it again. He has written yet another important book on energy and has managed to make it interesting, readable, and rich with data and references. He begins by… Read More
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