Table of Contents

Climate and Energy: The Outliers

Winter 2016


Incarceration matters; Protecting global diversity; Public role in reviewing gene editing.

From the Hill

Congressional budget deal eases spending limits; House to debate energy regulations; Science Committee and NOAA battle continues; Bipartisan senators ask GAO to study climate change costs; NSF releases updated data on higher education R&D.

Fact Check: Scientific Research in the National Interest Act

Lamar Smith

How to Bring Global R&D into Latin America: Lessons from Chile

Jose Guimon, Laurens Klerkx, Thierry de Saint Pierre

A Policy Experiment is Worth a Million Lives

Lynn T. Kozlowski

Outlier Thoughts on Climate and Energy

Kevin Finneran

My Climate Change

Andrew C. Revkin

Decades of reporting on climate science and the climate policy debate have led me through a long evolution in my thinking, and I hope to a little practical wisdom.

Exceptional Circumstances: Does Climate Change Trump Democracy?

Nico Stehr

Researchers who flirt with the idea that more authoritarian governance would help us address global warming are badly mistaken. What’s really needed is more democracy.

A Roadmap for U.S. Nuclear Energy Innovation

Richard K. Lester

A variety of timely forces are inspiring a renewed push for nuclear energy. Here is a proposed roadmap for innovation over the next few decades.

What’s the Big Idea?

Ray Rothrock

A venture capitalist takes on fusion energy.

Better Data for Better Mental Health Services

Judith Teich

Evidence-based policies for improving care and treatment of those with serious mental illness are urgently needed—but good evidence is hard to find.

The Search for Schizophrenia Genes

Jonathan Leo

Larger and larger samples are showing smaller and smaller effect sizes. What does this mean for drug development, clinical practice, and our view of mental illness?

Citizen Engineers at the Fenceline

Gwen Ottinger

Environmental regulators would do a better job protecting air quality and public health if they worked with local communities.

The Fictional Age

Kelle Dhein

A scifi future that wants to forget its history.

Book Review: Questions of Fairness

Christopher H. Foreman Jr.

Global Energy Justice: Problems, Principles, and Practices
, by 
Benjamin K. Sovacool and Michael H. Dworkin.

Book Review: No, Really, Why Are We Waiting?

Alex Trembath

Why Are We Waiting? The Logic, Urgency, and Promise of Tackling Climate Change
, by 
Nicholas Stern.

Book Review: A Cautionary Tale

Paul A. T. Higgins

The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View from the Future
, by 
Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway.