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Educating the Worker of the Future

Summer 2015


Whither universities?; Climate model worries; Good behavior; Biomedical overbuilding?

Rebecca Kamen

Alana Quinn

From the Hill

House Appropriations smiles on NASA, trims NSF; Bipartisanship not dead; Energy title of the COMPETES bill introduced; House appropriations committee approves transportation funding; House approves defense authorization bill; 21st Century Cures Act advances; Senate PATENT Act introduced; OSTP releases draft National Space Weather Strategy; NIH reaffirms stance on gene-editing of human embryos; NIH releases Alzheimer’s agenda.

Perspective: Regulating Genetic Engineering: The Limits and Politics of Knowledge

Andy Stirling, Dominic Glover, Erik Millstone

Climate Clubs to Overcome Free-Riding

William Nordhaus

Climate clubs are a policy option that will put pressure on countries to participate in global agreements—or pay a price.

Fusion Research: Time to Set a New Path

Robert L. Hirsch

The inherent limitations of the tokamak design for fusion power will prevent it from becoming commercially viable, but the lessons from this effort can inform future research.

Coordinating Technology Governance

Gary E. Marchant, Wendell Wallach

A new institutional mechanism is needed serve as an issue manager to coordinate and inform responses to emerging technologies with powerful social implications.

Science in Surrealism

Educating the Future Workforce

Kevin Finneran

Preparing Students for Life and Work

Margaret Hilton

Employers say that future workers will need a richer mix of skills and capabilities. The challenge for educators will be to redefine educational content, find a way to convey it effectively, and develop a means to assess student progress.

The Value of Sub-baccalaureate Credentials

Mark Schneider

Access to reliable data will help students and their parents—as well as government policymakers—make informed educational decisions.

Storm Clouds on the Career Horizon for Ph.D.s

Donna K. Ginther

The Ph.D. was once the stepping stone to an academic research career, but that path is becoming less accessible. Is doctoral training the best preparation for a secure academic career?

The Pauling-Teller Debate: A Tangle of Expertise and Values

Melinda Gormley, Melissae Fellet

This historic debate from the height of the Cold War provides a refreshing perspective on science and politics.

Heirs of the Body

Claudia Casser

Medical technology continues to open new possibilities, and this science fiction story explores some of the legal and ethical decisions that could confront us.

Book Review: Bomb control

William Lanouette

Thermonuclear Monarchy: Choosing Between Democracy and Doom
, by 
Elaine Scarry.

Book Review: Wiki-ki yay? Not so fast

G. Pascal Zachary

Common Knowledge? An Ethnography of Wikipedia
, by 
Dariusz Jemielniak.


Skeletal Reflections