A New Model for the American Research University

The Spring 2015 Issues in Science and Technology includes a cover article by Arizona State University president Michael M. Crow and research fellow William B. Dabars, who argue that the nation needs a new type of university that merges the quest for discovery and knowledge production with a commitment to providing a quality education to more students from highly diverse demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Editor's Journal

  • Science Fiction? Yes!

    In the Spring 2014 Issues, we published our first science fiction story. Physicist Gregory Benford’s story “Eagle” explored how radical environmentalists might respond to the launch of a geoengineering project to… Read More

From the Hill

  • From the Hill – Spring 2015

    “From the Hill” is adapted from the newsletter Science and Technology in Congress, ­published by the Office of Government Relations of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (www.aaas.org) in Washington,… Read More



Book Reviews

  • Pain a political history cover

    Where Does it Hurt?

    Pain compels sufferers to “pay attention.” Suddenly, the person in pain becomes aware of her body—the clutching at the throat, the rough thump-thump in the region of the heart, the rumbling of… Read More
  • Superintelligence book cover

    Machine Smart

    The subject of intelligent machines that decide that they don’t have much use for us has haunted our species at least since golems first were mentioned in the Talmud. And more recently,… Read More
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