Tina York, “Fluid Dynamics” (1995), mixed media, 32 x 40 inches. As a NASA Art Program artist, Tina York visited the Ames Research Center in California to study the principles of fluid dynamics. This piece shows the way gases move as a solid body passes through them.

Humanizing Science and Engineering

Does the passage of the CHIPS and Science act presage a new kind of politics? If industrial policy of the kind envisioned in recent US legislation turns out to be the basis of a bipartisan politics of science going forward, it will reflect a new understanding of the world and the place of science and technology in it. Essays in the Fall 2022 Issues explore what this evolving relationship with society will mean for both citizens and the science and technology community.

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Book Reviews

  • The Dangers of Systems Illiteracy

    The need to confront and understand complex realities without cant or illusion has never been more urgent—but who has a broad enough view to explain them? Is there a coherent framework through which to grasp how a changing biosphere is affecting the outlook for human civilization and what to do about it?

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    Judging the Science

    The idea that scientists and other experts are somehow equipped to make neutral, objective determinations about questions of public policy is an illusion that ignores the limitations of science and, in so doing, inevitably damages the enterprise and its public credibility.

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  • Empires of Ideas by William C. Kirby

    Overlooking the Possibility of Massive Disruption

    Universities today face challenges that are both severe and unprecedented. A new book examines the histories of several leading universities to see what the future might hold for higher education.

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