Julia Buntaine Hoel, “Thoughts 23” (2016–2017), digital print on aluminum, 20 x 16 inches. Neuron data acquired from neuroimaging software developed by EyeWire.

In the Gray Areas

What does it mean to push the frontiers of biomedicine if those advances do not or cannot benefit the patients who most need them? What does it say about the world’s top research universities if the women studying and working at those institutions are not safe from sexual harassment? How useful is the work of scientists and scientific agencies if researchers are unable to communicate effectively with citizens and their elected representatives? Essays in the Winter 2023 edition of Issues grapple with the obligations of scientific knowledge—and, crucially, offer ways to address the tensions and problems that can arise from advances in science and technology.

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Real Numbers

Book Reviews

  • The Art and Ethics of Model Selection

    The selection of animal models that can appropriately mimic relevant aspects of a human disease or drug reaction is a vital but underappreciated subject in biomedical research.

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  • Moderation to the Barricades

    Liberalism, the political theory that animates the liberal democratic republic, appears beset by problems both internal and external. In this atmosphere, a recent book aims to defend and rehabilitate liberalism against its critics and competitors.

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  • A Kafkaesque Border System

    It has become clear that the development, deployment, and use of technologies is rarely neutral. Many technologies may be used for both good and evil. And although technologies may provide significant social,… Read More
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