The 35th Anniversary Issue

As the power and potential of science and technology continue to grow, the insights that motivated the creation of Issues in Science and Technology become ever more pertinent. Society needs vibrant, well-informed debate about matters of science and technology policy. This 35th anniversary issue advances the debate, with insightful, independent essays on broadband access, sex and sport, the social sciences, decarbonization, and much more.

Editor's Journal

  • No End in Sight

    Issues in Science and Technology began publication in the fall of 1984. Frank Press, president of the National Academy of Sciences at that time, explained that the magazine was “an independent journal”… Read More



Book Reviews

  • A floral drawing of plants, flowers and the head of a unicorn

    Science and Society

    The Chinese scientist He Jiankui’s 2018 announcement of the birth of twin girls whom he had genetically modified to be resistant to HIV stunned both the scientific community and society at large.… Read More
  • Anne Harrington, "Mind Fixers"

    An Unsettling History

    In the days and weeks after the horrific dual mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, in early August 2019, the national conversation focused once again—how disturbing that phrase, “once… Read More
  • Shara Bailey, "The Tales Teeth Tell" (2018)

    Dental Exam

    The Tales Teeth Tell aims to introduce readers to the wonderful world of teeth and what they can tell us about human evolution. In the field of evolutionary anthropology, teeth have long… Read More
  • Hubert Haddad, "Desirable Body"

    Critical Rejection

    In her 1930 essay “On Being Ill,” Virginia Woolf laments the absence of a literature of illness. “Considering how common illness is,” she writes, “how tremendous the spiritual change that it brings,… Read More
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