Archival pigment print, 32.5 x 50 inches.

The Empty Radicalism of the Climate Apocalypse

The policies proposed by climate activists and progressive politicians to combat global warming are not nearly as radical—or potentially effective—as claimed. What would it mean to get serious about addressing climate change? Plus: protecting the 2020 Census, what NEON means for ecology, deciding the Facebook question, and much more.

Editor's Journal

  • Keep on Truckin’

    I began working at Issues in mid-1987, and 32 years later it’s … what?—sobering? enlightening? depressing? bewildering? astonishing?—to reflect on how science, technology, and health policy has and hasn’t changed. Many topics… Read More



Book Reviews

  • Robert Plomin, "Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are" (2018)


    Adding to a prolific career of scientific writing, the psychologist and geneticist Robert Plomin has produced an extremely readable and interesting book about the role of genetics in our lives. Blueprint: How Read More
  • The Environment: A History of the Idea

    “A Planet-Changing Idea”

    The Environment: A History of the Idea opens with a seemingly facetious query: “The environment is all around us…. Where did it come from?” In fact, the authors have deeper things on… Read More
  • Work in Progress: Economy and Environment in the Hands of Experts

    The Rise of the Experts

    It has become commonplace to assume that financial experts were completely surprised by the financial crisis in 2007. To be sure, some marginal or marginalized researchers claimed to have seen it coming,… Read More
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