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Immigration Policy

Fall 2014


Climate deadlock

An Archeology of Knowledge

From the Hill

Budget discussions inch forward

Editor’s Journal: Science: Too Big for Its Britches?

Kevin Finneran

Perspective: The True Grand Challenge for Engineering: Self-Knowledge

Carl Mitcham

Perspective: Retire to Boost Research Productivity!

Alan L. Porter

21st Century Inequality: The Declining Significance of Discrimination

Roland Fryer

Unconventional but effective strategies for public education can provide significant advances in student achievement nationwide.

No Time for Pessimism about Electric Cars

John D. Graham, Joshua Cisney, Sanya Carley, John Rupp

Military Innovation and the Prospects for Defense-Led Energy Innovation

Eugene Gholz

Streamlining the Visa and Immigration Systems for Scientists and Engineers

Albert H. Teich

Current visa policies and regulations pose hurdles for the nation's scientific and education enterprise. This set of proposals may offer an effective, achievable, and secure way forward.

Imagining Deep Time

ā€œGeohistory is the immensely long and complex history of the earth, including the life on its surface (biohistory), as distinct from the extremely brief recent history that can be based on human records.ā€

Exposing Fracking to Sunlight

Andrew A. Rosenberg, Pallavi Phartiyal, Gretchen Goldman, Lewis M. Branscomb

The public needs access to reliable information about the effects of unconventional oil and gas development in order for it to trust that local communities' concerns won't be ignored in favor of national and global interests.

Imagining the Future City

Rider W. Foley, Darren Petrucci, Arnim Wiek

A rich blend of engaging narrative and rigorous analysis can provide decisionmakers with the various perspectives they need when making choices with long-range consequences for cities around the world.

Profiteering or pragmatism?

Jason Lloyd