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Telling Stories

Summer 2014


Evidence-driven policy; Model behavior; Alice Aycock; Wet drones; Robots aren't taking your job; Climate change on the right; Does U.S. science still rule?; Chinese aspirations

From the Hill

Details of administration's proposed FY2015 budget

Editor’s Journal: Telling Stories

Kevin Finneran

What Fish Oil Pills Are Hiding

David Schleifer, Alison Fairbrother

One Woman's Quest to Save the Chesapeake Bay from the Dietary Supplement Industry

Little Cell, Big Science: The Rise (and Fall?) of Yeast Research

Niki Vermeulen, Molly Bain

Trying to add another chapter to the long history of yeast studies, scientists at the cutting edge of knowledge confront the painful realities of science funding.

Collective Forgetting: Inside the Smithsonian’s Curatorial Crisis

Allison Marsh, Lizzie Wade

Federal budget cutting is undermining the value of the museums' invaluable collections by reducing funds for maintenance, cataloging, acquisition, and access.

Natural Histories

The nearly forgotten books stored away quietly in libraries contain the ancestral ideas of current practices and methodologies of illustration.

Final Frontier vs. Fruitful Frontier: The Case for Increasing Ocean Exploration

Amitai Etzioni

Possible solutions to the world's energy, food, environmental, and other problems are far more likely to be found in nearby oceans than in distant space.

Breaking the Climate Deadlock

David Garman, Kerry Emanuel, Bruce Phillips

Developing a broad and effective portfolio of technology options could provide the common ground on which conservatives and liberals agree.

How Hurricane Sandy Tamed the Bureaucracy

Adam Parris

A practical story of making science useful for society, with lessons destined to grow in importance.

Book Review: What’s My (Cell) Line?

Stewart Brand

Cloning Wildlife: Zoos, Captivity, and the Future of Endangered Animals
, by 
Carrie Friese.

Book Review: Climate Perceptions

Elizabeth L. Malone

Reason in a Dark Time: Why the Struggle against Climate Change Failed—and What It Means for Our Future
, by 
Dale Jamieson.