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Every issue explores cutting-edge developments in technology, medicine, education, climate change, and much more. Articles provide in-depth analyses of science and technology’s impact on public policy, the economy, and society—bringing today’s best minds to bear on tomorrow’s most critical topics.

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From the Hill

  • From the Hill – Spring 2014

    Administration releases FY 2015 budget request President Obama’s FY 2015 budget proposal totals $3.9 trillion, of which roughly 63% is mandatory spending such as Social Security payments, roughly 30% is discretionary spending,… Read More


Real Numbers

Book Reviews

  • Book cover of Close Up at a Distance

    The View from Nowhere

    The global positioning system (GPS) technology incorporated into the vehicles, computers, smart phones, and other devices we use every day provides a convenience that would have been almost unimaginable two decades ago.… Read More
  • The Second Machine Age book cover

    Choosing a Future

    The past several years have witnessed a lively debate about innovation between techno-pessimists and techno-optimists. The pessimists’ view—exemplified by work such as Peter Thiel’s What Happened to the Future, Robert Gordon’s… Read More
  • Open Access book cover by Peter Suber

    Steal This Book

    In 1971, Abbie Hoffman mischievously named his first book-length screed Steal This Book, and founded a publishing company, Pirate Press, because no existing publisher would touch it. It was a countercultural… Read More
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