Table of Contents

Does Education Pay?

Fall 2013


From the Hill

Congressional budget gridlock; House holds climate hearing; Congress in brief; Reports and publications; Government Accountability Office

A New Era

Kevin Finneran

Perspective: Rethinking “Science” Communication

Prajwal Kulkarni

Defining Energy Access for the World’s Poor

Roger Pielke Jr., Morgan Bazilian

Does Education Pay?

Mark Schneider


Advancing Evidence-Based Policymaking to Solve Social Problems

Jeffrey B. Liebman

Land Art Generator

The Future of Meat

Carolyn Mattick, Brad Allenby

The New Normal in Funding University Science

Daniel J. Howard, Frank N. Laird

Notched Bodies: Insects in Contemporary Art

Trade Policy Is Science Policy

Sebastian Pfotenhauer

Much of the discussion about a possible trade agreement between the United States and Europe hinges on technological, health, safety, and environmental standards.

Book Review: The lessons of J. Robert Oppenheimer

G. Pascal Zachary

Robert Oppenheimer: A Life Inside the Center
, by 
Ray Monk.