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From the Hill

  • From the Hill – Winter 2014

    Congress passes budget deal, launches frenetic appropriations activity After a contentious few months that saw a two-week government shutdown, a narrowly-averted debt crisis, and continuing politicking over the size and shape of… Read More


  • Sea Power in the Robotic Age

    Robotic weapons are revolutionizing warfare. Anyone following the media knows about so-called aerial “drones,” and soldiers and Marines are using tracked and wheeled robots in ground combat to probe enemy positions,… Read More
  • The GMO-Suicide Myth

    In October 2013, rallies against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) drew thousands of protesters in dozens of countries around the world. The synchronized events were called the March against Monsanto, a reference to… Read More
  • When All Models Are Wrong

    “Beware the rise of the government scientists turned lobbyists,” trumpeted the headline on an article by British journalist George Mombiot in the left-leaning newspaper The Guardian, adding that “From badgers… Read More
  • Archives – Winter 2014

    Two sculptures by Los Angeles-based artist Liz Larner adorn the newly opened Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building at the University of Texas at Dallas. The pieces were commissioned by the Nasher… Read More
  • Universal Conscription as Technology Policy

    In a world where battles are increasingly fought by robotic vehicles and computer malware, national security may not be well-served by a small, culturally homogeneous military. Is it time to bring back the draft?

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  • My Brain is My Inkstand

    Drawing as Thinking and Process My Brain Is in My Inkstand: Drawing as Thinking and Process is an exhibition debuting at the Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, that brings together… Read More
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions from International Transport

    International transport, which includes ocean shipping and aviation, is among the fastest-growing sources of human-generated greenhouse gas emissions. Between 2009 and 2010, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from international transport grew faster—… Read More
  • All Adaptation Is Local

    Attention to the political context of coastal communities will be necessary if the United States is to improve on its current storm-by-storm approach to climate adaptation. Decades of climate science and years… Read More
  • Chuck Vest, RIP

    Chuck Vest had the uncanny ability to make me feel smarter than I am. Although he undoubtedly knew more and had thought more deeply about any topic that I discussed with… Read More
  • Water

    Internationally renowned Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky’s latest body of work, Water, explores the course, collection, control, displacement, and depletion of this vital natural resource. The exhibition is the second initiative… Read More

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