Table of Contents

An Informed Approach to Substance Abuse

Fall 1998


Preserving Civil Liberties in an Age of Terrorism

Ivan Eland

Editor’s Journal: The Electronic Word

Kevin Finneran

From the Hill


Environmental Policy in the Age of Genetics

Wendy Yap, David Rejeski

Rapidly emerging technology could lead to a fundamental shift in the way we safeguard human health.

Collaborative R&D: How Effective Is It?

David C. Mowery

Drugs and Drug Policy: The Case for a Slow Fix

Mark A. R. Kleiman

Fighting Crime by Treating Substance Abuse

Steven Belenko, Jordon Peugh

Critical Infrastructure: Interlinked and Vulnerable

C. Paul Robinson, Joan B. Woodard, Samuel G. Varnado

Computers and communications are boosting performance, but interconnection increases the risk of a technological domino effect.

An Electronic Pearl Harbor? Not Likely

George Smith

Natural Flood Control

Richard A. Haeuber, William K. Michener

Research Support for the Power Industry

M. Granger Morgan, Susan F. Tierney

Book Review: Consilience

Dale Jamieson

Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge
, by 
Edward O. Wilson.

Book Review: Scientific truth-telling

Norman Metzger

The Ascent of Science
, by 
Brian L. Silver.