First Looks: Spring 2015

Hear about how Josh Trapani, winner of Issues’ First Science Fiction Contest, applied science to his story and how he hopes using fiction can help further the reaches of science to policymakers.

Clean Energy Diplomacy from Bush to Obama

The Bush administration didn’t get everything wrong about climate change, and the Obama administration isn’t getting everything right. A truly effective climate policy would include the best elements of each approach.

Perspective: Have Universities Overbuilt Biomedical Research Facilities?

Climate Models as Economic Guides: Scientific Challenge or Quixotic Quest?

The uncertainties associated with mathematical models that assess the costs and benefits of climate change policy options are unknowable. Such models can be valuable guides to scientific inquiry, but they should not be used to guide climate policy decisions.

A New Model for the American Research University

The supposed conflict between research intensity and increased student access serves the branding needs of our elite universities, but not the social and economic needs of the nation. A new institutional design is emerging that meets the dual obligations of equity and excellence without compromising on either.

Table of Contents for the Spring 2015 issue

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