First Looks: Summer 2015

Mark Schneider from the American Institutes for Research discusses “The Value of Sub-baccalaureate Credentials,” from the new Summer 2015 issue.

Climate Clubs to Overcome Free-Riding

Climate clubs are a policy option that will put pressure on countries to participate in global agreements—or pay a price.


Whither universities?; Climate model worries; Good behavior; Biomedical overbuilding?

The Pauling-Teller Debate: A Tangle of Expertise and Values

This historic debate from the height of the Cold War provides a refreshing perspective on science and politics.

The Value of Sub-baccalaureate Credentials

Access to reliable data will help students and their parents—as well as government policymakers—make informed educational decisions.

Coordinating Technology Governance

A new institutional mechanism is needed serve as an issue manager to coordinate and inform responses to emerging technologies with powerful social implications.

Table of Contents for the Summer 2015 issue

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