First Looks: Winter 2018

A "War on Coal"?

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Book Review: Hiding in Plain Sight

Obfuscation: A User’s Guide for Privacy and Protest by Finn Brunton and Helen Nissenbaum. (Reviewed by Neil Chilson.)

Real Numbers: President Obama’s War on Coal? Some Historical Perspective

It is not uncommon for presidents and other senior officials to invoke the “war” metaphor in an effort to galvanize support in the pursuit of policy objectives. But the idea of a “war on coal” is at best misleading.

Make America Great Again

Investing in research, technology development, worker training, and modern technological infrastructure is the only prescription that will maintain the health of the US economy.

Rethinking Infrastructure in an Era of Unprecedented Weather Events

A more integrated and systemic approach is needed to ensure the nation’s resilience in the face of a changing climate.

How to Reinvigorate US Commercial Nuclear Energy

Sixty years into the civilian nuclear age, the United States must decide whether it wants to reestablish leadership in this important technology market, or watch its role continue to diminish.

Perspective: Knee-Capping Excellence

Proposed budget cuts by the Trump administration would have a severe impact on the financial capacity of universities to continue to support federally funded research activity.

Book Review: Opening the Books

Follow the Money: Funding Research in a Large Academic Health Center by Henry R. Bourne and Eric B. Vermillion. (Reviewed by Gilbert S. Omenn.)


What drives innovation?; Funding highways; Geoengineering ethics; Religion and science; Science police.

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