First Looks: Winter 2017

For the launch of the Winter 2017 Issues in Science and Technology, join science reporter Keith Kloor and philosopher of science and AAAS Fellow Daniel J. Hicks to discuss the perils and necessity of confronting scientific controversies head-on.

Of Sun Gods and Solar Energy

Politics, capitalism, and energy poverty are combining in strange ways across India. The result looks like progress—sometimes.

Inside the Energiewende: Policy and Complexity in the German Utility Industry

Germany has made enormous investments in renewable energy. So why isn’t it on target to meet its ambitious greenhouse gas emissions goals?

Perspective: Philosopher’s Corner: The End of Puzzle Solving


Needed: better labor market data; What are middle skills?; New toxic chemical regulations; Rethinking biosecurity; Chinese technocracy; Green accounting.

Journalism under Attack

Be careful what you write, especially if you uncover evidence of science distortion that upsets activists.

Table of Contents for the Winter 2017 issue

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