First Looks: Spring 2016

Amitai Etzioni discusses his article “Transforming the Active Orientation” from the Spring 2016 issue.

Transforming the Active Orientation

Technology should help cultivate social and moral progress, rather than endless growth and consumerism.

Perspective: Data-Driven Science Policy

Perspective: Super-muscly Pigs


Purposeful science; Climate and democracy; Reporting on climate change; Reviving nuclear power; Fusion entrepreneurship; Genetic goose chase; Seeing through the smoke; Leveraging global R&D.

The Rise of the Platform Economy

The application of big data, new algorithms, and cloud computing will change the nature of work and the structure of the economy. But the exact nature of that change will be determined by the social, political, and business choices we make.

Table of Contents for the Spring 2016 issue

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