Science and Religion: Exploring the Harmonies

A few years ago, Lee Gutkind (founder and editor of Creative Nonfiction magazine) and Issues editor Dan Sarewitz decided that a culture often divided by putative fault lines between science and religion might benefit from some new and different stories about their interrelations. If stories are especially good at making sense of the ambiguities and contradictions of the human condition, what stories might communicate a more complex and even fruitful relationship between science and religion? Several of them are in the Fall 2017 Issues in Science and Technology. These stories are the winners of a writing contest about the ways in which science and religion “productively challenge each other as well as the ways in which they can work together and strengthen one another.”

Editor's Journal

  • Editor’s Journal

    Science and religion have become opposing pawns in the divisive and ugly political game that mars the United States today. It is only a small oversimplification to suggest that science is increasingly… Read More




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