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A New Model for the American Research University

Spring 2015


Demonstrable energy; Case for small nukes; Controversial conservation ; NIHs predicament; Free genetics innovation; Diversifying STEM; Retirement conundrum; Humanistic engineering

Editor’s Journal: Science Fiction? Yes!

Kevin Finneran

From the Hill

2016 budget proposal; Budget winners and losers; Hill addendum

Perspective: Informing Public Policy with Social and Behavioral Science

Brian Baird

Perspective: Have Universities Overbuilt Biomedical Research Facilities?

Arthur Bienenstock, Ann M. Arvin, David Korn

Perspective: Climate Redux: Welcome to the Anthropocene

Braden Allenby

Clean Energy Diplomacy from Bush to Obama

Graham Pugh

The Bush administration didnt get everything wrong about climate change, and the Obama administration isnt getting everything right. A truly effective climate policy would include the best elements of each approach.

A New Model for the American Research University

Michael M. Crow, William B. Dabars

The supposed conflict between research intensity and increased student access serves the branding needs of our elite universities, but not the social and economic needs of the nation. A new institutional design is emerging that meets the dual obligations of equity and excellence without compromising on either.

Physics Envy: Get Over It

Richard R. Nelson

Physics studies different things, and in different ways, than other sciences. Understanding those differences is important if we are to have effective science policies.

Climate Models as Economic Guides: Scientific Challenge or Quixotic Quest?

Andrea Saltelli, Philip B. Stark, William Becker, Pawel Stano

The uncertainties associated with mathematical models that assess the costs and benefits of climate change policy options are unknowable. Such models can be valuable guides to scientific inquiry, but they should not be used to guide climate policy decisions.

Pythia of Science

Josh Trapani

Book Review: Where does it hurt?

Joanna Bourke

Pain: A Political History
, by 
Keith Wailoo.

Book Review: Machine smart

Dan Gordon

Superintelligence: Paths, Danger, Strategies
, by 
Nick Bostrom.