Table of Contents

The Path Not Studied

Summer 2008


Controlling health care costs; Middle East economics; Homeland security research; Nuclear safeguards; Protecting migration routes; Reforming medical liability

From the Hill

Bush signs genetic nondiscrimination bill; Possible political interference at the EPA investigated; Bill introduced to close FACA "loopholes"; Climate impact on oceans examined

Editor’s Journal: The Path Not Studied

Kevin Finneran

Perspective: Research Funding via Direct Democracy: Is It Good for Science?

Donna Gerardi Riordan

Perspective: It’s about More than Money

Irwin Feller, Susan Cozzens

Strategies for Today’s Energy Challenge

Jeff Bingaman

Developing new energy sources provides an economic and technological opportunity for the United States.

A New Manhattan Project for Clean Energy Independence

Lamar Alexander

The United States must marshal its resources and talent to tackle the challenge of coping with climate change.

Fixing the Parole System

Mark A. R. Kleiman, Angela Hawken

A system relying on swiftness and certainty of punishment rather than on severity would result in less crime and fewer people in prison.

The Path Not Studied: Community Colleges under Stress

Matthew Zeidenberg

Publicly funded two-year colleges are facing daunting challenges in dealing with surging enrollments of disadvantaged and unprepared students.

The Path Not Studied: Schools of Dreams More Education Is Not an Economic Elixir

Peter Cappelli

No compelling evidence exists for the thesis that giving people more formal academic education will result in a restructuring of jobs and increased productivity and growth in the economy at large.

The Path Not Studied: Building a Wider Skills Net for Workers

Robert I. Lerman

A range of skills beyond conventional schooling are critical to success in the job market, and new educational approaches should reflect these noncognitive skills and occupational qualifications.

The Path Not Studied: The Crisis in Adult Education

Brian Bosworth

Education is a key factor in fueling economic growth, but the educational attainment of our workers is slipping badly. New strategies are needed to help undereducated adults.

Real Numbers: Connecting Jobs to Education

Lisa Hudson

Book Review: College admissions and exclusions

Ronald G. Ehrenberg

The Conditions for Admission: Access, Equity and the Social Contract of Public Universities
, by 
John Aubrey Douglass.

Book Review: Achieving space security

John M. Logsdon

The Politics of Space Security: Strategic Restraint and the Pursuit of National Interests
, by 
James Clay Moltz
, and
The Politics of Space Security: Strategic Restraint and the Pursuit of National Interests
, by 
James Clay Moltz

Book Review: Can science policy advice be disinterested?

Bruce L. R. Smith

The Honest Broker: Making Sense of Science in Policy and Politics
, by 
Roger A. Pielke Jr..