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Standardized Testing Takes Center Stage

Winter 2003


From the Hill

Science and Technology in Foreign Policy

Norman P. Neureiter

Objective advice and increased engagement from scientists and engineers can advance global peace and sustainable economic development.

Wanted: Scientific Leadership on Climate

Roger Pielke Jr., Daniel Sarewitz

Effective action on climate change depends on the willingness of the climate science community to support new research priorities.

Highway Research for the 21st Century

Robert E. Skinner Jr.

More federal support is critical to the future performance of the nation's highway system.

Attracting the Best and the Brightest

William Zumeta, Joyce S. Raveling

Creating opportunities for intellectually autonomous and decently paid research positions for recent PhDs is essential to attracting top graduate students.

Editor’s Journal: Testy about Testing

Kevin Finneran

Concerns about race, class, unions, and state budget priorities have elevated the testing of students to a major national issue--and muddied the discussion.

No Child Left Behind

Susan Sclafani

Assessment is a key component of the president's plan to ensure that all students receive an adequate education.

Knowing What Students Know

James W. Pellegrino

Recent advances in the cognitive and measurement sciences should be the foundation for developing a new system of student assessment.

The Hazards of High-Stakes Testing

Lorrie A. Shepard

Hyped by many as the key to improving the quality of education, testing can do more harm than good if the limitations of tests are not understood.

Can the Testing Industry Meet Growing Demand?

Margaret Jorgensen

Improving Workplace Hazard Communication

Elena Fagotto, Archon Fung

The information-based system set up to protect workers from chemical exposure is in need of an overhaul.

Blocking Invasive Aquatic Species

Allegra Cangelosi

Federal law must be updated to stop introductions of nonnative organisms, especially by ships.

Conflicts of Interest in Human Subjects Research

Susan Ehringhaus, David Korn

We must manage research scrupulously so that neither individual nor institutional financial interests result in danger to participants.

Everyday Threats to Aircraft Safety

Bill Strauss, M. Granger Morgan

Several actions are needed to reduce the small--but persistent and increasing--danger that electronic devices carried aboard by passengers pose to commercial aircraft.

Real Numbers: OECD Science, Technology, and Industry Outlook

Jerry Sheehan

Book Review: The forgotten half

Lisa M. Lynch

Beyond College for All: Career Paths for the Forgotten Half
, by 
James E. Rosenbaum.

Book Review: Broadband on the run

Kathleen Courrier

Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution
, by 
Howard Rheingold.