Table of Contents

The Global Environment

Fall 1996

Crunch Time for Control of Advanced Arms Exports

Janne E. Nolan

New mechanisms are urgently needed to stem the flow abroad of a new generation of increasingly destructive conventional weapons.

Transforming the Navy’s Warfighting Capabilities

Andrew F. Krepinevich Jr.

The post-Cold War Navy is relying too much on the carrier. It needs new strategies--and a very different kind of fleet.

Climate Science and National Interests

Robert M. White

The scientific case for action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is perceived to be changing, but the political barriers remain daunting.

The Greening of U.S. Foreign Policy

Richard A. Matthew

Practical ways can be found to integrate environmental concerns into national security policy decisions.

Roundtable: The Politics of Genetic Testing

Dangerous Intersections

David Korn

New proposals to protect genetic privacy may collide with the public interest in fostering medical research

The Dilemma of Environmental Democracy

Sheila Jasanoff

Scientific rigor and public participation can coexist peacefully only in the catalytic presence of trust and community.

U.S. Seaports: At the Crossroads of the Global Economy

Charles Bookman

Shallow, congested, and technologically lagging, U.S. seaports need a major overhaul to preserve U.S. strength in international trade.

A Better Home for Undergraduate Science

Jeanne L. Narum

Labs and classrooms must be brought up to date to meet the needs of a rejuvenated curriculum.

Book Review: Ethical dilemmas

Ronald M. Green

The Lives to Come: The Genetic Revolution and Human Possibilities
, by 
Philip Kitcher.

Book Review: The politics of space

Alex Roland

Can Democracies Fly in Space?: The Challenge of Revitalizing the U.S. Space Program
, by 
W. D. Kay.

Book Review: Rethinking drug policy

Laurie J. MacNamara

Global Habit: The Drug Problem in a Borderless World
, by 
Paul Stares.

Editor’s Journal: Can Science Get Any Respect?

Kevin Finneran