One thought on “Opening Up the Climate Policy Envelope

  1. Kevin Hearle

    This theoretical think piece (as good as it is) is based on the assumption that increased CO2 in the atmosphere is an issue humanity needs to address due to supposed negative effects that may accrue at some time in the future. The authors own research as communicated through Senate hearings indicates the climate disasters predicted by alarmist and IPCC scientists have not eventuated.
    The UNFCCC / IPCC hypothesis of CAGW has failed the most fundamental scientific tests. The science has moved on from the 1980’s and the political alarm engendered by the IPCC one sided support for UNFCCC action. Thirty years of non performance of IPCC climate models based on justifying a political agenda rather than scientific fact has not fooled the public at large.
    It is not time to expand the policy envelope to solve a non problem, it is time to plug into the real scientific reality of increased CO2 and its benign effect on climate and benefit to humanity of CO2 fertilization.
    Feeding the bureaucratic policy machine at international, national and local level will just add to the misallocation of resources to the UNFCC IPCC needed to solve real problems like poverty, education, housing , health and infrastructure.


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