One thought on “Why the Current Education Reform Strategy Won’t Work

  1. Tom

    I think more should be emphasized on the limited actual need in the economy for STEM “techy types”.

    With the competition and challenges in our economy escalating, an environment that produces more income-career paycheck “fall-shorts” and less income-career paycheck “surge-aheads” it seems our population has over valued an observation that shows them it appears many of the “surge-aheads” are represented by the professional profile of the “techie” as opposed to less numerous “surge-aheads” seemingly represented by other professional graduate profiles.

    It seems that for the best overall improvement of the income-career prospects of our children, a generation of parents is jumping on a bandwagon enamored by the idea that a robustly exploded provision of future “techy” profile graduates will be tied to a robustly exploded expansion in the number of these future children that will gain access to the income-career success related to being a “surge-ahead”, thereby implying with broad popularity that an oncoming explosion of “surge-ahead” success stories can be engineered through a simple change in any oncoming class of graduate’s degree choice mix, obviously benefitting oncoming graduate classes with more and more “surge-ahead” income-career success stories so long as they choose among themselves to pursue a larger proportion of STEM “techy” degrees.


    No need to fantasize about the prospects of any oncoming future graduate classes. The current one already has enough techies that after all such “surge-ahead” income-career success stories have been exhausted, there is already a left over excess of “fall-short” techies in the current class.

    Therefore a techie gradute ptofile is clearly no solid guarantee of a successful career path. What’s up with the American delusion anything will change in that regard by loading up future classes with more???


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