Science Philanthropy’s Evolving Role

A Philanthropic Culture

Why Philanthropy Is America’s Unique Research Advantage

Centuries of philanthropic endowments, and a culture of giving back, support many of today’s research institutions—and could be powerful in shaping the future of American science.Read More

Resilient Research

Envisioning Science for an Unknown Future

Philanthropy looks to nurture and sustain a scientific infrastructure that is both resilient and flexible.Read More

Shaping Science

A Vision for the Future of Science Philanthropy

Philanthropy will play a critical role in shaping the conduct of science over the coming decades. Getting it right will require adopting practices that further the scientific enterprise while simultaneously helping to move society toward greater collective well-being.Read More

Science and Society

Stark, High, and Urgent

The United States can control its technological future only by working with other liberal democracies to reduce The COVID-19 pandemic reveals the stakes of the relationship between science and society—and shows how science can rise to meet new challenges. How can this experience shape science policy in the future?shared risks and vulnerabilities.Read More

Nonprofit Research Institutions

Independent Science for a Daunting Future

Nonprofit research institutions must find new ways to wield their historic strengths as they seek to expand their impact in a rapidly evolving scientific ecosystem.Read More

Engaged Research

A Global Movement for Engaged Research

Philanthropic organizations have a special role to play in setting bold new expectations for a research enterprise that works in direct dialogue with the rest of society.Read More

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