New Frontiers for Innovation Policy

Global Competition

What a National Technology Strategy Is—and Why the United States Needs One

To compete in the twenty-first century, the United States needs a nimble agency to catalyze technological innovation that delivers security, prosperity, jobs, and health—for all citizens.Read More

Industrial Policy

Encompassing the Innovation Panoply

As US science policy shifts toward a new model intended to stimulate economic growth, the country must create an institutional infrastructure for federal industrial policy.Read More

Health Care Innovation

Illustration by Shonagh Rae

Innovation as a Force for Equity

Today’s health innovation system doesn’t benefit everyone equally. To change it we need to think differently about expertise, innovation, and systems for ensuring access to crucial technologies.Read More

Multiple Paths to Discovery

Innovation Is Not a Linear Race, It’s a Dance Between Discovery and Use

Investing more money in science is not enough to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. We also must recognize a diverse set of approaches to scientific advancement.Read More

The Engineering Method

Working in the Penumbra of Understanding

A twenty-first century science and technology policy that works to solve society’s problems must fully incorporate engineering’s unique perspective.Read More

Modernizing Science Policy

Science Policy From the Ground Up

It’s time to modernize the federal role in the nation’s increasingly decentralized R&D ecosystem and unleash innovation at the local level.Read More

Telling New Stories

Stories to Work By

Narratives of technological inevitability often limit the tools society has at its disposal to promote equality and opportunity.Read More

Reimagining Philanthropy

Changing the Business of Breakthroughs

A new worldwide network of scientists and engineers is demonstrating how philanthropy can leverage a highly effective innovation model to solve urgent global problems.Read More

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Header illustration by Shonagh Rae.