Educating Tomorrow’s Scientists and Engineers

End the “Pipeline Mindset”

Stuck in 1955, Engineering Education Needs a Revolution

The “pipeline” concept has long kept people out of the field of engineering. It’s time to address the needs of today’s digital, diverse, global, and rapidly changing society.Read More

Mental Health

Great Science Begins With Nurturing Early-Career Researchers

Graduate students and postdocs endure long hours, low pay, uncertain employment, and inequitable conditions. To foster future innovation, we must build an environment where they thrive in all aspects, including mental health.Read More

Focusing on Practice

A More Effective Innovation Practice

Practice-focused innovation centers could help the United States translate federally funded research into tomorrow’s essential technologies.Read More

Diversity and National Security

A Moonshot for Every Kid

The exclusion of diverse people from engineering and computer science is a blind spot in US national security—and one the nation must work to fix.Read More

Empowering Students

Democratizing Engineering for Every High School Student

Offering engineering classes to high school students can empower them to create change in their local communities and encourage them to pursue careers in the field.Read More

Social Values

Creating a New Moral Imagination for Engineering

From lifesaving vaccines to weapons of mass destruction, engineers seem willing to enable any enterprise for the right price. How might engineering become better aligned with sustainability, justice, peace, and human rights?Read More

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