Competing in the Twenty-First Century

Innovation Policy

A New S&T Policy for a New Global Reality

Globalized science and engineering capability has changed how innovation happens and who it benefits. US policies need to be reconfigured to respond.Read More

Targeted Research

How to Build Upon Vannevar Bush’s “Wild Garden” to Cultivate Solutions to Human Needs

In today’s competitive environment, we cannot assume that curiosity-driven advances in science will someday be useful. We must also be pursuing questions targeted at needed breakthroughs.Read More

S&T Policies

Innovation-Based Economic Security

To benefit from today’s globalized research and development, the United States needs to make science and technology policies an integral part of economic security.Read More

Worker Training and Education

For a Competitive Economy, We Need a Skilled Workforce

The United States must make sustained investments in worker training and higher education to meet the shifting needs of a scientifically productive society.Read More

Global Leadership

America on Edge: Settling for Second Place?

The United States cannot afford to be complacent about the advancements in science and technology that are needed to power the economy, defend the nation, maintain public health, and combat climate change.Read More

The Missing Millions

Cultivating America’s STEM Talent Must Begin at Home

Only with collective commitment, effort, and focus can the country educate and develop the “missing millions” needed to push the frontiers of knowledge, keep our nation safe, and power the innovation economy.Read More

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