Collaboration in a Global Context

Collaborative Advantage

Creating Global Commons for Science, Technology, and Innovation

Collectively solving problems shared by many nations requires a new global science and technology commons, which could be modeled on successful past experiences.Read More

Global Science

Collaborate for the Future

Shifting from a competitive model of innovation to a collaborative one would bring benefits—and security—to the United States and the world.Read More

US-China Cooperation

Finding Safe Zones for Science

Serious cooperation between US and Chinese scientists is getting more difficult as geopolitical tensions increase. But with a deliberate strategy the two countries can realize massive potential gains.Read More

Immigration Reform

Attracting (and Keeping) the Best and the Brightest

Foreign students and entrepreneurs helped make the United States an innovation powerhouse. With more countries competing for talent, Congress must create a system that attracts highly skilled immigrants.Read More

Alliance of Democracies

Democracies Must Coordinate Industrial Policies to Rebuild Economic Security

The United States can control its technological future only by working with other liberal democracies to reduce shared risks and vulnerabilities.Read More

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