Tina York, “Fluid Dynamics” (1995), mixed media, 32 x 40 inches. As a NASA Art Program artist, Tina York visited the Ames Research Center in California to study the principles of fluid dynamics. This piece shows the way gases move as a solid body passes through them.

New Semiconductor Clusters Slated

February 27, 2023

Putting the recent CHIPS and Science Act to work, the Biden administration will help fund at least two clusters of semiconductor manufacturing plants and related research-and-development facilities by 2030. In Issues, Sujai Shivakumar examines what such regional hubs can achieve—and offers some recommendations for their success. But expanding semiconductor clusters should be only part of what the author calls “an opening volley in an intense strategic global competition.” For the United States to thrive in this challenging environment, Shivakumar writes, will require “sustained attention and investment in research, technologies, and people.”

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