Tina York, “Fluid Dynamics” (1995), mixed media, 32 x 40 inches. As a NASA Art Program artist, Tina York visited the Ames Research Center in California to study the principles of fluid dynamics. This piece shows the way gases move as a solid body passes through them.

Going Big on Carbon Dioxide Removal

August 14, 2023

In what it calls a major effort to limit climate change, the US Department of Energy is awarding up to $1.2 billion to two projects—in Texas and Louisiana—to remove planet-warming carbon dioxide from the air and store it underground. As a backdrop, Gyami Shrestha surveys in Issues the range of federal research on all aspects of carbon dioxide removal, which she helped identify in a comprehensive compendium. Knowing the landscape, she writes, can “illustrate how these activities are spread across agencies, which can suggest possible opportunities for partnership,” and “identify the most critical remaining research questions,” among other benefits.

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