New Voices in the Future of Science Policy

The latest issue of the Journal of Science Policy & Governance invited early career authors to reimagine the next 75 years of science policy. Supported by The Kavli Foundation and published in collaboration with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the special collection offers bold, innovative, and actionable ideas for how the US scientific enterprise can become more equitable and inclusive, helping to contribute to a brighter future for all Americans.

These articles seek to broaden the view of how scientists can participate in achieving positive social impact. Authors focused on such issues as citizen involvement in science, promoting trust in science, embracing democratic principles, and addressing the needs of the American people.

More specifically, in the issue’s three winning essays, the authors argue for making rural regions a priority in US science policy in order to make the benefits of research and innovation more broadly beneficial and equitable; improving global scientific communication and collaboration by translating STEM papers into languages other than English; and reframing science policy and funding to emphasize social benefits as much as knowledge generation in scientific research.

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