Tapping Talent in a Global Economy

Every issue explores cutting-edge developments in technology, medicine, education, climate change, and much more. Articles provide in-depth analyses of science and technology’s impact on public policy, the economy, and society—bringing today’s best minds to bear on tomorrow’s most critical topics.

Editor's Journal

  • Irrational Exuberance

    We’re back! The mood at the recent annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science was buoyant. President Obama speaks science. The crowd for Al Gore’s talk filled not… Read More

From the Hill

  • From the Hill – Spring 2009

    Economic stimulus bill provides major boost for R&D The $790-billion economic stimulus bill signed by President Obama on February 17 contains $21.5 billion in federal R&D funding—$18 billion for research and $3.5… Read More



Book Reviews

  • Measuring Up book cover

    Book Review: Truth in testing

    It has been said that “few wish to be assessed, fewer still wish to assess others, but everyone wants to see the scores.” Throughout the world, tests are both extolled and disparaged,… Read More
  • Book cover of Will Terrorists Go Nuclear?

    Nuclear fears

    Are there any big-idea books left to be written about nuclear terrorism? After all, every possible threat assessment, from apocalyptic to anodyne, is well represented in the stacks. Analyses of how to… Read More
  • Book cover of Bracing for Armageddon

    The Bioterror Threat

    World at Risk, a new report by the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism, concludes that “it is more likely than not that a weapon… Read More
  • Book Review: Bent science

    Bent science Bending Science: How Special Interests Corrupt Public Health Research by Thomas O. McGarity and Wendy E. Wagner. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2008, 400 pp. Kenneth E. Warner As Thomas… Read More
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