Table of Contents

Economic Stimulus

Winter 2012


Creating perennial crops; Improving S&T policy; The globalization of scientific research; Catastrophe insurance; New approach to cybersecurity; More focus on occupational certificates

From the Hill

R&D funding picture continues to be mixed; House committee examines implications of Russian rocket crash; Senate committee votes to overhaul controversial education law; House members debate new National Ocean Policy; Federal science and technology in brief

Perspective: Toward a Common Wireless Market

Tolu Odumosu, Venkatesh Narayanamurti

Perspective: A Course Adjustment for Climate Talks

Ruth Greenspan Bell, Barry Blechman

Better Skills for Better Jobs

Harry J. Holzer

Revitalizing U.S. Manufacturing

Stephen Ezell

Reducing Oil Use in Transportation

Emil Frankel, Thomas Menzies

California’s Pioneering Transportation Strategy

Daniel Sperling, Mary Nichols

Blueprint for Advancing High-Performance Homes

James H. Turner Jr., Ellen Larson Vaughan

Improving Spent-Fuel Storage at Nuclear Reactors

Robert Alvarez

The Climate Benefits of Better Nitrogen and Phosphorus Management

Alan R. Townsend, Peter M. Vitousek, Benjamin Z. Houlton

Book Review: Reducing nuclear dangers

Matthew Bunn

How the End Begins: The Road to a Nuclear World War III
, by 
Ron Rosenbaum.