Table of Contents

Practical Pieces of the Energy Puzzle

Winter 2009


Budget doubling defended; Innovating for innovation; Better environmental treaties; Managing military reform; Not just for kids; Science and foreign policy; Biotech regulation; Research on patents; Yes to an RPS

From the Hill

Research funding flat in 2009 as budget stalls; NASA funding boost authorized; Climate change proposals multiply; Big boost in energy R&D funding supported

Perspective: Overcoming Stone Age Logic

Michael M. Crow

Perspective: Science on the Campaign Trail

Shawn Lawrence Otto, Sheril Kirshenbaum

Restoring and Protecting Coastal Louisiana

Gerald E. Galloway, Donald F. Boesch, Robert R. Twilley

The High Road for U.S. Manufacturing

Susan Helper

Practical Pieces of the Energy Puzzle: Climate Change: Think Globally, Assess Regionally, Act Locally

Charles F. Kennel

Practical Pieces of the Energy Puzzle: A Full-Court Press for Renewable Energy

Frank N. Laird

Practical Pieces of the Energy Puzzle: Low Carbon Fuel Standards

Daniel Sperling, Sonia Yeh

The most direct and effective policy for transitioning to low-carbon alternative transportation fuels is to spur innovation with a comprehensive performance standard for upstream fuel producers.

Practical Pieces of the Energy Puzzle: Reduce Greenhouse Gases Profitably

Richard Munson

A regulatory system that rewards energy companies for innovations that boost efficiency can appeal to environmentalists and industry alike.

Practical Pieces of the Energy Puzzle: Getting More Miles per Gallon

Christopher Evans, Lynette Cheah, Anup Bandivadekar, John Heywood

The answer may require looking beyond CAFE standards and implementing other consumer-oriented policy options to wean drivers away from past habits.

Practical Pieces of the Energy Puzzle: Energy Security for American Families

Lisa Margonelli

Helping moderate-income households invest in energy-efficient cars, appliances, and home retrofits would benefit financially struggling families as well as the U.S. economy.

Book Review: Growth without planetary blight

Sheldon Krimsky

The Bridge at the Edge of the World
, by 
James Gustave Speth.

Book Review: Danger: Bell curve ahead

Michael J. Feuer

Real Education: Four Simple Truths for Bringing America’s Schools Back to Reality
, by 
Charles Murray.

Book Review: Follow the money

Melissa S. Anderson

Science for Sale: The Perils, Rewards, and Delusions of Campus Capitalism
, by 
Daniel S. Greenberg.