Table of Contents

Global Tour of Innovation Policy

Fall 2007


Science policy matters; Science education for parents; Large effects of nanotechnology; The importance of community colleges; Data-driven policy; Where's the water?; Better transparency for a cleaner environment; Science's social effects; Universities as innovators

From the Hill

President Bush signs competitiveness bill; Climate bills address competitiveness concerns; Confrontation looms on R&D budget; Energy bills face veto threat

Perspective: Ethanol: Train Wreck Ahead?

Robbin S. Johnson, C. Ford Runge

How to Fix Our Dam Problems

James G. Workman

The Global Tour of Innovation Policy: Introduction

Charles W. Wessner

Polishing Belgium’s Innovation Jewel

Fientje Moerman

Mexico’s Innovation Cha-cha

Claudia Gonzalez-Brambila, Jose Lever, Francisco Veloso

Indian Innovation: Action on Many Fronts

R. Chidambaram

Excelsior: The Korean Innovation Story

Sungchul Chung

The Chrysanthemum Meets the Eagle

Kenneth Flamm, Sadao Nagaoka

The Post-Scientific Society

Christopher T. Hill

Real Numbers: Global trends in R&D Spending

Dirk Pilat

Book Review: Risky business

Lewis M. Branscomb

The Next Catastrophe: Reducing Our Vulnerabilities to Natural, Industrial, and Terrorist Disasters
, by 
Charles Perrow.

Book Review: Despoiled seas

Martin W. Lewis

The Unnatural History of the Sea
, by 
Callum Roberts.