Table of Contents

Information Technology and the Research University

Fall 2005


From the Hill

Energy bill signed, little impact seen on oil and gas use; House seeks to shore up NASA science missions; Frist backs stem cell legislation; House considers major reorganization of NIH; Congress critical of slow pace on bioweapons prevention

Editor’s Journal: At Last

Kevin Finneran

Integrated Pest Management: A National Goal?

Lester E. Ehler

In Agricultural Trade Talks, First Do No Harm

Sandra Polaski

Flirting with Disaster

James R. Phimister, Vicki M. Bier, Howard C. Kunreuther

Envisioning a Transformed University

James J. Duderstadt, Wm. A. Wulf, Robert Zemsky

Cyberinfrastructure and the Future of Collaborative Work

Mark H. Ellisman

The Economic Imperative for Teaching with Technology

Susanne Lohmann

Managing the Digital Ecosystem

Joel M. Smith, Jared L. Cohon

Even Universities Change

Stuart J. Feldman

The Case for Carbon Capture and Storage

Jennie C. Stephens, Bob Van Der Zwaan

The Challenge of Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Philip Auerswald, Lewis M. Branscomb, Todd M. La Porte, Erwann Michel-Kerjan

Real Numbers

Daniel M. Kammen, Gregory F. Nemet

Patagonia dreaming

Tundi Agardy

Tech talk

Michael Borrus