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Summer 2005


From the Hill

House bucks Bush, votes to relax stem cell restrictions; Bush plan for earth-penetrating nuclear weapon hits roadblock; Fraud allegations roil Yucca Mountain project; Senators clash over terrorist priorities

Secrets of the Celtic Tiger: Act Two

William C. Harris

Ireland achieved a stunning economic revival in the past two decades; its plan for the next stage of growth could be another winner.

Bolstering U.S. Supercomputing

Susan L. Graham, Marc Snir, Cynthia A. Patterson

The nation's needs for supercomputers to strengthen defense and national security cannot be satisfied with current policies and spending levels.

Games, Cookies, and the Future of Education

Henry Kelly

Games, simulations, user models, and other information tools have revolutionized and personalized entertainment and services. What about education?

A Reality Check on Military Spending

Charles V . Pena

The United States can fight an effective war on terrorism while still substantially cutting defense spending.

The National Nanotechnology Initiative: Present at the Creation

Neal Lane, Thomas Kalil

The U.S. government was a pioneer in supporting nanoscale research; now it must boost funding to maintain the nation's leadership.

The Economic Promise of Nanotechnology

George Allen

Congress must continue to support U.S. leadership in this field as a key component of future national prosperity.

Harnessing Nanotechnology to Improve Global Equity

Peter A. Singer, Fabio Salamanca-Buentello, Abdallah S. Daar

The less industrialized countries are eager to play an early role in developing this technology; the global community should help them.

Getting Nanotechnology Right the First Time

John Balbus, Richard Denison, Karen Florini, Scott Walsh

Government and industry should be working to identify and manage possible health and environmental risks before new products are widely used.

Facing the Global Competitiveness Challenge

Kent H. Hughes

A renewed and systematic focus on innovation is the key to U.S. economic growth and prosperity.

Real Numbers: The global water crisis

Nicholas L. Cain, Peter H. Gleick

Book Review: Thinking about the indeterminate

Baruch Fischhoff

, by 
Richard A. Posner.

Book Review: Green urbanism

Bill Hendrickson

Native to Nowhere: Sustaining Home and Community in a Global Age
, by 
Timothy Beatley.