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Is Information Technology Creating a Productivity Boom?

Summer 1998


Toward a Global Science

Bruce M. Alberts

By working together internationally, scientists can better use their knowledge to benefit humanity.

From the Hill

Something Old, Something New

Kevin Finneran

Making Guns Safer

Stephen P. Teret, Susan Defrancesco, Stephen W. Hargarten, Krista D. Robinson

The technology now exists to make guns that only authorized users can operate. These safer guns could cut gun-related deaths and injuries.

Computers Can Accelerate Productivity Growth

Robert H. McGuckin, Kevin J. Stiroh

The evidence can be found by comparing computer-intensive industrial sectors with other sectors.

No Productivity Boom for Workers

Stephen S. Roach

Information technology has yet to deliver on its promise of faster productivity growth.

Resolving the Paradox of Environmental Protection

Jonathan Howes, DeWitt John, Richard A. Minard Jr.

EPA's central challenge is to maintain rigorous national standards while providing the utmost flexibility to states, communities, and companies.

Saving Medicare

Janet O'Keeffe, Jo Ann Lamphere

Before making any changes, we should look closely at how they will affect the neediest among the elderly.

Shaping a Smarter Environmental Policy for Farming

David E. Ervin

The use of compelling incentives-not direct controls-is the best way to reduce agricultural pollution.

Book Review: Love Canal revisited

Sheila Jasanoff

A Hazardous Inquiry: The Rashomon Effect at Love Canal
, by 
Allan C. Mazur.

Book Review: Bioethics for everyone

Norman Fost

Am I My Brother's Keeper? The Ethical Frontiers of Biomedicine
, by 
Arthur L. Caplan.