About Us

Issues in Science & Technology is a forum for discussion of public policy related to science, engineering, and medicine. This includes policy for science (how we nurture the health of the research enterprise) and science for policy (how we use knowledge more effectively to achieve social goals), with emphasis on the latter.

Although Issues is published by the scientific and technical communities, it is not just a platform for these communities to present their views to Congress and the public. Rather, it is a place where researchers, government officials, business leaders, and others with a stake in public policy can share ideas and offer specific suggestions.

Unlike a popular magazine, in which journalists report on the work of experts, or a professional journal, in which experts communicate with colleagues, Issues offers authorities an opportunity to share their insights directly with a broad audience. And the expertise of the boardroom, the statehouse, and the federal agency is as important as that of the laboratory and the university.

The ultimate purpose of Issues is admittedly idealistic but vital: to improve the effectiveness of public and private policy in making a better world and to raise the level of debate and mutual respect among all those who appreciate the critical contributions of science and technology.

The pages of Issues are open to all responsible points of view, and the material published here reflects the views of the individual authors only, not the policy of any institution or organization.