3 thoughts on “A Roadmap for U.S. Nuclear Energy Innovation

  1. Greg Pendergrass

    Excellent article…one of the best and most informative on the status of nuclear development in the US and a practical and achievable roadmap for the future. On a side note, please let me know your knowledge about an innovative fuel technology being developed by a company named Lightbridge.

  2. mulp

    As usual, the emphasis is on killing jobs, not creating jobs. But the conservatives are better at selling job killing cost cutting, and they have a love for pillage and plunder and burning of natural capital assets.

    To have a fast growing economy, costs must increase, and higher costs are needed in higher labor costs, which creates the higher wage incomes for middle class workers who now have good incomes to pay for higher cost energy, food, transportation.

    If you focus on cheaper energy, cheaper food, cheaper everything, the result is lower and lower wages, and slower growth.

  3. Rod Coenen

    Richard K. Lester’s Roadmap for US Nuclear Energy Innovation is the most compelling and realistic pathway through our energy/climate future that I have seen. A must read for any engaged in or advocating future nuclear.

    For a sustainable planet,

    Rod Coenen


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