One thought on “Perspective: Rethinking “Science” Communication

  1. Steven Pineda

    Great article, and my experience of doing science and doing my own research on how scientists feel and think, confirmed my hypothesis that there are big room to improve and apply simple methodologies of team, open, transparency, fear loosing to get copied, presenting true papers, not all, but many have errors in their findings. Is not about volume of text, but rather on what is it for what we do the research for.

    Very few present their failures in thesis or papers, and this is also an interesting finding.

    Definetely communication needs to improve, there is a lot of wasting time, millions of slides with copy and paste text! Not right for the level of intellectual capacity.

    Improving the message to share it, if that is what the intention is, otherwise it will be better not to present it to anyone!

    Areas that need room for improvement:
    Management skills
    Team work
    Open and transparency when wanting to solve issues
    Too much time
    More results

    I really enjoyed reading your article.



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