4 thoughts on “Reducing Oil Use in Transportation

  1. Sandy Nahem

    The vehicle efficiency standards will be maximized when we will replace our fuel powered engine with electrical ones, as long as we are able to produce electricity for them at lower costs and more environmental friendly. An electric motor has only one moving part and two ball bearings so no need for oil or other lubricant.

  2. MokaTrans

    @Sandy it’s true that electrical motors are more efficiently for environment and they have lower costs for running.. But in a world ruled by oil moguls, this isn’t a good option for them.

  3. Ellie Davis

    I didn’t know that cars and trucks accounted for more than 85% of transportation total. I would imagine this takes up a lot of oil. Oil is going to have to be transported somehow. I just hope the companies that are transporting this oil are well trained and use different methods to help make sure they have a great business.

  4. ZGR

    it is true that the introduction of large-scale electric cars would be a real evolution, but I’m sure there are hidden interests in the middle.

    Need to mention that the production of batteries and electricity is at least as harmful to the environment


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