One thought on “New Voices, New Approaches: Drowning in Data

  1. Kaye

    Why would you stop research?
    What about the vine hill hazardous waste facility?
    Sample there.
    Google earth it, and see the gigantic huge oozing vile pools have a serious break in them.
    How bout this, you were in the wrong spot. Martinez , vine hill neighborhood, near the IT Corp. Bloody toxic broken pools, I have 4 friends suffering cancers and that is the count on the first block of vine hill and on one side.
    A total of 5 homes. 4 cancers, one 54 yr old male, bone cancer now deceased, his wife 53 yrs of age newly diagnose with severe uterine cancer, one 52 y old female just had brain surgery to remove tumor, compounded with lung cancer, breast cancer survivor in first house two years ago56 years old, and has mass again in same spot, although she had double mastectomy.
    You were close, but still in the wrong spot.
    Please. These are all my friends.
    Google earth the vine hill toxic hazardous waste plant , Waterbury way address, just look at the red and dark blue ponds, zoom in on the huge crack.


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