Sen. Pete Domenici on the Future of Nuclear Technology

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Editor's Journal

  • Is Anybody Buying Policy?

    Technology Review, the venerable magazine published by the MIT Alumni Association, has decided that policy doesn’t sell. At least since 1967, when John Mattil became editor, Technology Review has devoted itself… Read More



Book Reviews

  • Nature's Services book cover

    Putting a Price Tag on Nature

    The contributors to Nature’s Services, who include many of the nation’s leading natural scientists, have taken on the enormous tasks of, first, characterizing the ways in which Earth’s natural ecosystems confer benefits… Read More
  • Endless Frontier book cover

    Inventing the Future

    For the past fifty years the U.S. national science and technology enterprise has evolved under the heavy influence of the engineer Vannavar Bush. Most students of science and technology policy as well… Read More
  • Visions book cover

    Future Implausible

    I should really like this book. After all, it amply fulfills its subtitle, telling us how science will revolutionize the 21st century. And it does so with bravura and competence. The bravura… Read More
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