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ROBERT HUFF, Stack Suite #8, Acrylic, oil, pencil, and gold leaf on paper, 29 × 67 inches, 1994.

Collection of the National Academy of Sciences.

Stack Suite #8

This work by Robert Huff was included in an exhibition of his work at the National Academy of Sciences in 1995. Combining an interest in nature and architecture, the artist reveals an interest in the relationship between humans and their environment.

There are cottony patches of clouds reminiscent of the cumulus clouds in the sky over Miami, where the artist lives. The architectural details imaginatively evoke a sense of space with convex towers of grids, which are sheared by great fan-like shapes of orange and red. Writer and critic Elisa Turner observes about his work, “The artist builds his wonderfully varied and rhythmic compositions, all the while teasing viewers with the illusion of deep space, only to slice that depth into resolutely flat planes of shimmering color.”

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